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Thank you so much... everyone who has bought and read The Life You Left Behind. I am over the moon to see it out in the world.

It's a love story, but it's much more than that. The themes are very current - maybe not the easiest reading - they include depression and mental health, and other more global concerns about what we're doing to this beautiful world, but these are issues that concern many of us. 


This book's also about the strength of family and the enduring power of friendship. When life is all shades of light and darkness, the message is ultimately a hopeful one. 


If you've read, I'd love to know your thoughts - and if you feel like writing a few words on Amazon, I'd really appreciate it. XX

Here are some lovely early reviews:

'This is absolutely beautiful, heartbreaking but beautiful"

'A complex and well written story that provokes thought and emotion'

"Beautiful, poignant and touching"

" An original and thought-provoking book, with many rich layers' 

"A book that will stay with me"

"I will have this book forever in my heart" 


The Belfast Times

Jan 2022 

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The Vow hits Number One in Apple Books 

Debbie talking to Isabelle Broom about The Vow and writing...

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