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If you would like to know more about current writing projects I’m now blogging at

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My year of being published…

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It’s surreal that almost exactly two years to the day since I first walked through Pan Macmillan’s doors, I’m on another train to London. As then, I’m meeting Trisha, who’s now my editor. I’m even wearing the same chevron-printed tunic! It’s the week before Christmas, the first bright morning in days, a hint of sun, […]

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On book covers and that next book…

By on 13th February 2015 in Blog Posts with 6 Comments

My book was sold a year ago.  A long time?  Then, I might have thought so, but the months have flown past.  Months in which layers of editing have taken place, a cover has been designed, and then recently, the first proofs have been sent out. This week, I’ve written a letter, to people who […]

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Sometime later…

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I’ve just read one of Jessie Burton’s blog posts – read it, her writing is beautiful – The Miniaturist is stunning.  She writes about how all this feels – the finding an agent, meeting publishers, your book being sold and the whole extraordinary thing about how this book you’ve written, that you’ve no idea if it’s […]

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On beginnings

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Last week started with a flower order – for a country wedding.  With the checking and checking again, of the flower varieties I’d picked, the number of stems needed – enough plus a good margin without blowing the budget.  A trip to a local nursery – the amazing – to hire tall, scented columns of jasmine.  An early morning drive to the wholesaler.  I […]

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This is when it stopped feeling real…

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That agents liked my book was in itself a dream come true, but was no guarantee that publishers would feel the same.  Obviously I was hoping they would, but again, this was uncharted territory for me.  I’d no idea what their response would be, how long this next part would take, and whether I’d sit in another slushpile for days, […]

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On editing…

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Writing is an endurance test – of the love in your life.  Not just how much you love writing, because it’s hard, time-consuming work, but how much your family really love you, when you spend more time in the world you’ve dreamed up than in the one you share with them.  Guilt levels rising stratospherically higher than the usual sky-high level that every parent […]

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Writing aside for a moment, in so many ways, 2013 has been quite a year.  But this time last year, if someone had told me I’d have self-published three books and sold tens of thousands of them; would have an offer from a digital publisher, that I’d write something completely different and find an agent… […]

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I have an agent!

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Monday was the very best day.  One of those really amazing days I’ll always remember.  It began the way it always does – up early, tromp through mud and feed animals, turf teenage son out of bed. It also happened to be one of the Mondays I volunteer at a hospice – just for a couple […]

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Making one of the biggest decisions ever…

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Okay, so after that, things got even more amazing. We now have agent B in the picture, because after the call from the first agent, when I emailed her that evening, to tell her that I’d had two offers of representation, she said please send it over, like now – even though she’s on holiday.  She’d […]

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