Debbie Howells

Making one of the biggest decisions ever…

By on 11th December 2013 in Blog Posts

Okay, so after that, things got even more amazing.

We now have agent B in the picture, because after the call from the first agent, when I emailed her that evening, to tell her that I’d had two offers of representation, she said please send it over, like now – even though she’s on holiday.  She’d read ASAP and get back to me.

She did the ASAP bit.  She actually emailed me back later that same evening, saying she’d just finished reading it and she’d love to represent me, too.  I had another offer from another agent making it four!!! You agents – in the nicest possible way – you’re ever so slightly like buses!!! Do you know how long I’ve been trying to find one? 

Truly though, I’m euphoric, excited, and somewhat humbled by the response I’ve received, so whatever happens now, the hugest thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who’s shown interest.  The sweat, blood and tears have got me the next step along the way.  All I have to do now is make a choice…

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