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That day I got a call from an agent…

By on 11th December 2013 in Blog Posts with No Comments

Okay.  That thing about dreams.  They’re a thing I have – I posted about them a while back too, because I’ve had this one for quite a while. It goes like this.  You sweat blood over that precious manuscript, get it as polished as you can, peruse your list of the best possible agents, write cover letters and […]

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By on 12th November 2013 in Blog Posts with No Comments

This one’s more of a ramble than a post.  It’s been the most wonderful, glorious summer, hasn’t it… Weather to camp and go to the beach in, warm enough to spend long evenings outside under the stars…(Drinking wine obviously) It’s hanging on in there, too, though the blackberry-laden hedgerows and misty mornings signal that autumn’s not long […]

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