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“I couldn’t stop reading this from the moment I picked it up. An intelligent thriller which looks behind the perfect facade of village life to reveal the dark secrets within. Written with heart and real depth, and with some real hand-over-mouth moments – I was gasping in surprise in a cafe! This is going to be a huge hit, and deservedly so.”

Rachael Lucas


“Loved The Bones of You by Debbie Howells.  A gripping tale that delves into the dark core of the seemingly perfect family.”

Tammy Cohen


“THE BONES OF YOU is one of those books that captivates you from the first page, holds tight and never lets go.  I savored every word, character and psychological twist.  Truly brilliant!”

Lisa Jackson


“Utterly compelling and addictive. A memorable debut.”

Samantha Hayes, bestselling author of Until You’re Mine.



“A dazzling debut from a writer who looks to me to have an exceptional future. Howells’s novel has a rare freshness and depth that set her apart.”

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“When a schoolgirl is found murdered, her perfect family slowly implode as everyone searches for a motive. A creepy whodunit that’ll have you avoiding the woods for ever more.”

4 star review of The Bones of You in Heat Magazine.


“[A] suspenseful and poignant debut… will keep readers turning the pages.”

Publishers Weekly


“The Bones of You is a gripping, haunting novel of sacrifices and lies, desperation and love… There are many twists and turns throughout that keep you wanting to read on… you might not want to read this one in the dark!…  Overall, an excellent debut thriller from author Debbie Howells and one that comes highly recommended by us at Literary Week.”

Literary Week


“The plot of the novel revolves around Rosie’s death, the usual who, what and why but with a brilliant and dark twist… The novel touches sensitive subjects and makes us all question just how much we hide from those we love. The portrayal of a chilling domesticated life was without fault and for me it was an incredible debut novel.”

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“After I finished reading this book I sat back and went WOW and then went to bed exhausted, it was after all past 1.30am but I could not put this down till I had read every single last word. I devoured this book. I savoured the words… As I delved deeper into the novel I made several unsuccessful guesses and only in the last few chapters did I understand who had murdered Rosie and their motives. This is an excellent example domestic noir.” 

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“A dynamic narrative… unusual and haunting.”

Library Journal


“… This is a fantastic book, with a great literary style. Debbie Howells has done a brilliant job of revealing just enough, but never too much… A great read, and well worth picking up, this has a beautiful and easy-to-read style…”

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“It has been awhile since I read a book that I literally could not put down.  The Bones of You by Debbie Howells is one such book.  I stayed up much later than I should reading this and then snuck in reading breaks through out the day… The story is told in alternating views between Rosie, Kate and Rosie’s sister.  As we find out more about the past from Rosie, we follow the current with Kate. This alternating back and forth keeps the story flowing.  It can move a bit slowly, but held my interest every step of the way.”

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“This book is well-paced, features complex characters and, while it’s underpinned by a darkness, there’s still a glimmer of hope and humanity on offer.”

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“Debbie Howells writes with poetic beauty. Her sentences have a rhythmic pulse, like a violin within a melancholy symphony. I loved reading this book for the sheer pleasure of the words… I was thoroughly immersed in this story. The author exposes the cracks beneath the glossy facade, leaving us, along with the characters, aching and raw, yet also enriched by the experience.”

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“Although the pacing is steady without the showy twists and turns that the more brash books of this genre display, the mystery anchors the book and there are a number of possible answers. By the last third of this book I had a pretty good idea of what had happened but I was enjoying the ride so much that even if I wasn’t waiting to find out if I was right, I’d still have been turning the pages as eagerly.”

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“If you want to make an investment in a solid, beautifully told, well paced mystery, THE BONES OF YOU is worth the money and time. Don’t power through it, slow down and pay attention, try to solve the mystery. You’ll also need to let your heart break a little… There are multiple stories going on here but all of them are necessary to solve Rosie’s mystery.”

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“It is clever, wonderfully paced and is sure to be a huge word-of-mouth success… There are few (psychologial thrillers) that will succeed, but I think this may well be one of them.  A one sitting read, that will have your fingers worn as you turn the pages at breakneck speed.  The characters may not be the brightest sparks, or even likeable, but they will suck you in to their world, and you may forget the one you actually live in for 340 pages.  A brilliant read.  Highly recommended…”

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